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And think out more fancy functionalities to implement:
min & max lengths, keyboard based navigation, colors, no duplicate items, default user choice, etc.
Build an console game - "Battleship".
Maintain the state of a game of "Battleship", including four boards, two for each player, one for recording the current state of the players ships, and one for recording the players' attacks. We want to take care of the basic ability to control the game, and the players moves whilst keeping of track of this game state.
Standard setup:
In battleship, a board consists of a grid of 10 x 10, labelled vertically with the numbers 1 to 10 (from top to bottom) and labelled horizontally with the letters a to j (from left to right).
A player knows:
where their own ships are
where their own previous attacking moves have been made, and their result
where their opponent's previous attacking moves have been made and their result
To play the game, each player, plays an attacking move in turn, the result of this may be a "hit" if the square is occupied by an opponent's ship, or a "miss" if the square is not. A player wins when they have "hit" every square occupied by their opponents ships.
Each player should start the game with 5 ships, laid out in non-overlapping positions on their own board:
Ship Size (in squares)
Carrier 1 x 5
Battleship 1 x 4
Submarine 1 x 3
Cruiser 1 x 2
Patrol 1 x 1
Make all the standard setup rules flexible - board can be any size, boats may touch or not, boat sizes, how many boats of every size, etc
Bonus: How to validate, will ships even fit to board using current rules?
The minimal set of operations we want to support:
Create an empty board.
Place a ship on the board.
Create a random board with the ships already placed.
Make an attacking move, determining if it is a hit or a miss and updating the game state.
Keep track of events, replay them later.
Determine the current state of the game, finished (and who won), in play.
UI for visualizing and controlling game
Save/load game state
Keep your project structured and reuse business logic later again - webapp.
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