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# HW2
Deadline: **22.03.2020 23:59:59**
SporMaps App
Deadline - final deadline - end of semester
App like endomondo, nike run, strava, runtastic, etc.
General idea - app, that would help you in unknown terrain with navigation and training.
App is based on Google Maps (or openstreetmap or some other) and built-in GPS functionality.
Display map, and update your location on map display.
Allow toggling of "keep map constantly centered", "keep north-up / direction up / user chosen-up".
When tracking is started, start to draw trail from start to current location.
Allow user to set checkpoints (permanent) and waypoints (single) on track. Ie when adding new waypoint, remove previous.
Calculate and display direct and travelled distance from start, last checkpoint and last waypoint.
Time elapsed from start, pace (in minutes per km) overall in every three sections.
Save all the sessions and all the checkpoints to database.
Allow user to view/delete old sessions - display statistics and track on map.
For controlling the app from lock screen, implement sticky custom layout notification - UI similar to what you have under the map.
When user stops session, ask for confirmation. Do not let to start/stop session from lockscreen.
Constantly(after every position update) update notification to display current info - distances and pace.
GPS listener and notification intents broadcastlistener has to be implemented in service,
otherwise app cannot be kept running in background.
App has to support rotation (and state has to be restored) - move buttons from bottom to left-or-right screen edge in landscape mode.
Provide on-screen real compass (must be possible to turn on-and-off). Not the google maps rotation indicator.
Provide session export possibility - ie as email attachment for example. File format - gpx. (checkpoints as waypoints gpx format).
gpx entries hav to contain coordinates and timestamp (for later track analysis and animation).
Change app icon into something more meaningful.
Final testing of your app will happen in real life () - using paper map and your app
find hidden checkpoints in terrain - take photo of every cp and present these and your track (sent as email attachment to teacher) at the end.
Asciiart of UI:
North-Up Reset Compass Options
Start 15 000 | add 1500 | add 783
or 1:35:47 | CP 1137 | WP 332
stop 8:45 | icon 6:37 | icon 7:35
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