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***Checkpoint - CP*** - some predefined marked location on terrain and on paper map. When you did find the CP, mark it's location in app. Gets saved to DB.
***Waypoint - WP*** - temporary marker, used to measure smaller segments on terrain to find path to next CP. When placing new WP, previous one is removed. WPs do not get saved to DB.
***Backend service*** - Web-API/Rest service. Web based visualization of map and tracks on map (realtime).
***Demo of Fused location in background foreground service***
***Google map demo***
***Rest api demo***
***Examples of possible UI-s***
***Demo of compass in kotlin***
### Ascii art of possible UI
North-Up Reset Compass Options
Google Map area
Start 15 000 | add 1500 | add 783
or 1:35:47 | CP 1137 | WP 332
stop 8:45 | icon 6:37 | icon 7:35
Explanation of numbers in UI:
Section1 - Overall
Distance covered (meters)
Session duration hh:mm:sec
Average speed (minutes per 1 kilometer)
Section2 - Checkpoint
Distance covered from CP to current location
Direct line distance from CP to current location
Average speed
Section3 - Waypoint
Distance covered from WP to current location
Direct line distance from WP to current location
Average speed
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