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#### HW03 Final Project - GPS SportMap
***Deadline 2021-01-03 23:59:59***
***Final Deadline 2021-01-03 23:59:59***
App like endomondo, nike run, strava, runtastic, etc.
......@@ -160,3 +160,44 @@ Distance covered from WP to current location
Direct line distance from WP to current location
Average speed
### Approximate schedule for pacing the workload
***2020-11-01 23:59:59***
Google maps is visible, ui is receiving updates from background location service.
It is possible to start and stop the tracking, set CPs and WPs from main screen.
Main activity primary UI is done, rotation works correctly in layout. All screen sizes are supported. even tablets.
***2020-11-12 23:59:59***
Custom notifications are implemented, it is possible to control app from the lock screen.
App works in background.
***2020-12-01 23:59:59***
Database is working, sessions get saved to database, it is possible to view/rename/delete old sessions.
Allow zooming into track of old sessions.
Track segments are gradient colored according to speed (define range of colors/speed) - both in old and current session.
App is working correctly in background (locked screen). Ui is restored correctly after unlock.
***2020-12-15 23:59:59***
User can create an account in app, account info is saved locally. Account gets created in backend server.
Session start and location updates are synced realtime to backend service during active session.
Track segment coloring is easily user configurable - per active session and also in every past session separately (sometimes optimal range is 4-7, sometimes 7-20 minutes per km).
***2020-12-31 23:59:59***
Everything is ready, you are ready to discuss your code with teacher 1-to-1. Some final touches and real world testing maybe still needs to be done.
Defence of your code is mandatory!
Syncing is working, you can change syncing interval in options (ala when received, once in 10 sec, once in 30, sec, etc..). It is possible to change gps update frequency. Gps location coordinates are filtered, obvious wrong coordinates are filtered out (ie impossible x hundred meter jumps).
***2021-01-03 23:59:59***
End of semester, defence of app will be conducted in some nearby forest terrain, using teacher provided paper map and your app (code has to be defended first).
It's done, you are ready to tackle unseen forest using your app. You have tested it extensively, it will not crash even while doing some 2-3h long session. Syncing to backend works, even if there is no data connection - you can sync all the locations later.
Use your app to find hidden checkpoints in terrain - take photo of every cp and present these and your track (sent as email attachment to teacher) after completing the exercise.
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